Operations began in January of 2012, the subsidiary office of BioSystems S.A., located at Quezon City helps clinical diagnostics laboratories in the Philippines to provide quality service through the various distribution network. Our team consists of highly skilled employees, who share a commitment and professional approach that provides an optimal solution to diagnostic laboratories nationwide. As the company and its distribution partners will provide strong support and service to medical laboratories in many cities as well in the countryside where our products and services is needed.


Our Goals are:

– Obtaining various permits for the importation and distribution of products (thru our distribution network) in the Philippines.

– Providing comprehensive advice to laboratories using reagents and equipment from BioSystems.

– Implementation of immediate and fast service support for clinical laboratories as a priority requirement for our customers and end-users.

– Support and assistance to distributors throughout the Philippines by conducting sales and service training for efficient after sales support.

– Distribution and maintenance of international quality assessment Prevecal to improve the quality of laboratories and bring it closer to the level of world standard.



The company BioSystems S.A. is a well-known brand in the Philippine market. Our vision is to promote ready-made solutions for laboratories, and the creation of condition for safe and affordable products.